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Herping Suriname

Is founded in 2021, many years after Dick Lock set foot in the jungle of Suriname to search for amphibians and reptiles. Falling in love with this country he started to work for different companies as a tour guide. Recently it was time to set up his own business and found a partner in Lieke Verwoerd. Together we run the company and besides organizing tours, we are planning to invest in education and research to spread knowledge among the Suriname people!

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Meet Our Team

Dick Lock

Founder & Herping specialist

Dick spend his whole life focused on nature and awareness about nature. Growing up in the Netherlands but having a passion for the tropics. The studies Ecology&Wildlife and Wildlife Management with a minor in Adventure Tourism paired with a lifelong passion for wildlife eventually brought him to the pristine jungles of Suriname.
He is now active in Suriname for over 10 years and has founded Herping Suriname, Snake Patrol Suriname and Unlock nature. His daily activities are guiding tours, removing snakes from houses and giving lectures, trainings and workshops about wildlife, with a main focus on snakes hoping to change the attitude of people towards wildlife in a positive way!

Lieke Verwoerd

Co-owner & General Manager

Lieke came to Suriname in 2015 and immediately fell in love with the country. Together with Dick she started Herping Suriname. Most of the time she is doing office work, planning and organising trips but when she has the chance she loves to go into remote places to enjoy the nature!

Steven Oldenstam

Herping guide

Growing up in Suriname Steven loved spending time in the jungle and started working in tourism when he was 17. As an adventure guide he guided on activities such as zip-lines and kayak trips. He spent two years in Costa Rica working in an adventure park.
Focusing on Central and South American wildlife he discovered a passion for herpetofauna. Sharing this passion, it wasn’t long after Dick and Steven met each other that they started collaborating in Herping tours and Snake patrol!